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社会保険労務士 吉田事務所



Office Overview  Japan's socio-economy has undergone major changes, and due to changes in the environment surrounding the social security system, such as the rapid declining birthrate and aging population and the long-term economic stagnation, labor and social insurance-related laws and regulations have been frequently revised. It has become more complex and diverse. On the other hand, in a difficult business environment, an increasing number of business establishments are under pressure to make major changes in each layer of human resource utilization such as wage / personnel management, labor management, and employment management.  In such an era, social insurance labor consultants "contribute to the smooth implementation of laws and regulations related to labor and social insurance" and "contribute to the sound development of businesses and the improvement of the welfare of workers, etc." Is the purpose of existence. (Article 1 of the Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney Law) Based on this, the concept of the Yoshida office is "a normal social insurance labor and social security attorney office where you can consult and consult." It's a greedy concept. We are outsourcing (labor / social insurance business, etc.) based on our specialized knowledge. We provide continuous consultation and consulting based on the basic information. Proper results require a law and a trans-law (human) approach. The Yoshida office is a sincere partner of a company that takes advantage of today and moves forward tomorrow. Profile: [Biography] Noriyuki Yoshida March 1973 Graduated from the Department of Science and Mathematics, Hakodate Higashi High School, Hokkaido  March 1978 Graduated from the Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Chuo University     April Worked as a local government employee  1991 Social Insurance Labor and Social Security Attorney Examination Passed  August 2007 Labor and Social Security Attorney Registration (work, etc.)  August 2008 Long-

term service commendation         September Retirement 

October Opening

November Administrative scrivener registration

April 2010 Specified social insurance labor consultant registration

April 2009-Pension counselor (Hakodate social insurance office)

Hakodate local corporation association member Small and medium-sized entrepreneur Doyukai Hakodate branch member

Residential land and building transaction Chief. Senior Life Advisor